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La Casa del Habano of Habanos S.A - an iconic name that cigar aficionados across all continents always love. It is known as the pioneer brand that brought Cuban cigars to the international market. Since 1990, over the past 30 years, La Casa del Habano has expanded its empire with a system of more than 160 stores in 59 countries worldwide.

Every store in the La Casa del Habano system always upholds the philosophy of: serving only the premium, authentic Cuban cigars with top-class service and being a master in preserving diverse collections of cigars according to - type, size and brand. At La Casa del Habano, the guests can also enjoy other premium privileges such as Personal Lockers - which allow you to store your collection of cigar masterpieces and we'll make sure they're always in most perfect condition.


We at La Casa del Habano Vietnam are dedicated to sharing our love of fine Cuban cigars. We are proud to offer first-class services designed to ensure smokers will fully experience the exclusive flavors of premier Habano cigars within a luxurious décor located in a prime location in the heart of historic Saigon, now known as Ho Chi Minh City.

Visitors will be impressed by our extensive collection of rare Habanos. You will enjoy fragrant cigar aromas wafting from our massive walk-in humidor, one of the largest in the world at 7.1mts in height.

Relax in La Casa Lounge and order from a list of fine Whisky, one of the only places in Vietnam with such an assortment. Cigar aficionados will never forget their time in La Casa del Habano and will return over and over again.

Avanti Group Co. Ltd. operates All Habanos Concepts in collaboration with Golden Phoenix , the main distributor of Habanos and Diageo brands in Vietnam. We are committed to bringing a luxury lifestyle to this market and pairing the art of appreciating exclusive cigars, rare whisky and other top-quality products. Habanos Specialists are retail stores authorized to sell the entire line of Habanos products and whose premises often boast small lounge areas, bars and terraces where guests can enjoy our products and services. There are also many smaller Habonos points of sale authorized to sell our products.

We are proud to operate the Vietnamese franchise of the very successful La Casa del Habano enterprise bringing a completely new level of luxury to the country for the first time. Habanos Specialist, Habanos Point, Habanos Lounge, Habanos Terrace.

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