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La Casa Executive

Each floor at La Casa del Habano Vietnam features a completely different and unique experience. The four spaces of the Executive Floor highlight individual themes, each equally sophisticated, elegant and luxurious, with fine paintings displayed throughout. They are designed to give our distinguished guests the best possible ambience in which to enjoy our premium cigars and rare whisky.

Explore the room that embodies the legacy of John Walker with a commemorative tasting of legendary Scotch Whisky. John Walker is the ultimate celebration of progress, an enduring tribute to the life, vision and legacy of the man who started it all. It’s taken nearly two centuries to develop the world’s most famous Scotch Whisky that we are privileged to enjoy today. With its lavish interiors and dark but warm color scheme which echos the famous brand’s label, the John Walker & Sons room is a perfect welcoming area for VIP guests. Come to experience the powerful “Keep Walking” image in a cozy but elegant room while you imbibe the best of Scottish whisky.

Mortlach is the absolute first choice of Whisky connoisseurs with a history dating back to 1823. The room’s décor is equally elite with its harmonious combination of copper, wood, stone and deep blue tones. Yet another great choice for holding important business meetings or celebrations in a luxurious setting.

Inspired by the illustrious Cohiba cigar brand, the deep gold and black color scheme of this room induces a feeling of power. The elegant furnishings and famous Cohiba logo will usher our guests into this magnificent space in which to enjoy the excellent Cohiba cigars.

Romeo Y Julieta is one of Cuba’s most famous cigar brands, inspired by the famous Shakespeare play. The Renaissance interior is decorated in warm red tones reflecting the period when the original romance took place. Our guests will be impressed by the tasteful and charming surroundings as they enjoy our fine products.



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