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As part of the La Casa del Habano network, we have inherited a wide range of finely honed services and authentic products offered to connoisseurs of Habano cigars and those interested in the culture and history of Cuban tobacco and cigar-making. Our venue in Ho Chi Minh City boasts one of the largest Habano cigar libraries in the world.

Located in the heart of historic Saigon, visitors will immediately be impressed with La Casa del Habano’s exterior architecture inspired by the shape of a cigar. The interior is equally eye-opening with its magnificent and elegant yet warm and intimate furnishings where Vietnam meets Cuba. To lovers of the finer things in life, we are honored to offer our legendary cigars, choice Whiskys, unique services, fine cuisine and cigar-making knowledge.


To house one of the world’s largest cigar collections, we have constructed a specially designed walk-in humidor with a record-breaking height of over 7 meters spanning two floors. All our legacy cigars are stored in this impressive space where the temperature is always carefully controlled below 18ºC and the humidity maintained between 65% to 70%. This perfect environment ensures that every flavor of our premium cigars is preserved. The entire La Casa del Habano is equipped with a modern humidification system and built of the highest quality materials. All the display shelves use cedar, a rare wood ideal for preserving the integrity of the cigars’ flavors. We are confident that our guests will be more than satisfied as they enjoy the excellent aromas and tastes of our premium and limited collections of products.


La Casa del Habano is the flagship store of Habanos Cigars and part of the exclusive retail network operated and managed by the Avanti Group in Vietnam. With an endless passion for fine cigars, our goal is to offer authentic Cuban cigars and top-notch service guaranteed under warranty by Golden Phoenix VN, the official distributor of Habanos Cigars. We totally stand by our products for customers to enjoy themselves or to offer as gifts.

Savoring a fine and perfectly preserved Habano cigar in the luxurious La Casa Lounge is truly an uplifting and memorable experience. We are proud to be one of the rare lounge bars in the country offering limited editions of Whisky in shot glasses for customers to experience the premium tastes. There’s even the flavor of Cuba in Vietnam to inspire customers as they relax and enjoy our fine cigars and whisky.

The Executive Floor is the pride and joy of La Casa del Habano Vietnam. The handsome décor of each of the four executive rooms is inspired by a different theme and showcases a well-known cigar or whisky brand.

The VIP rooms are ideal for hosting lavishly catered banquets or private business meetings where guests can enjoy privacy as they savor our premium cigars and whisky. Even the most demanding guests will be more than satisfied with our first-rate service.

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